Pertinent Summer Information!

I read the following information in “The Frantic Woman’s Guide to Life”:

If you have an infant or toddler who’ll be getting in the water with you, chances are good that you’ll be packing some disposable swimming diapers. But when you’re swimming every day, doesn’t the cost of this convenience kill you–especially when some babies are only in the water for such a short period of time And isn’t a shame that they come so few in a package? Not really! While these pants are labeled “disposable,” you can actually wash them in the washer using hot water and your usual laundry detergent, dry them in the dryer and reuse them several times — provided the child only urinates in them. When the material on the sides of the pants begins to show signs of thinning (usually after 3 to 5 washings) discard and start another pair. Now you can confidently change these disposable swimming pants on your toddler several times a day and not have to break your budget to do it.

whoo da thunk?


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